Video Advertising

Video Advertising puts messaging before, during and after videos, creating opportunities to engage high-value audiences. With the right advertising platform, you can use audience data to refine your strategy and provide consistent, relevant ad experiences in real time.

Content is at the heart of a successful video – keep it concise, visually compelling, and focus on the storytelling to drive your point home.

Best key points while creating a video ???
Audience watch time is totally depends on following key points
• Show what you want your audience to see in the first 10 seconds of the video.
Viewer attention drops after that point.
• Capture and maintain your audience’s attention with visual storytelling.
• Deliver your message with graphics, people, and text that extend viewer attention span.
• Consider burning in video subtitles.
Quality of your video is always best.
Content is always matters in video advertising so content should be well designed and conceptual.

1) SEO Benifits : Advertisement with video is the biggest advantage to the search engine optimization. Because of video advertising we can make your seo more stronger Video Advertising generate traffic on your website also increase brand awareness and it will helpful for lead generation.
2) Cross-Channel Benefit : The cross-channel video helps to get connected with users across websites, social networks, mobile devices, connected TVs, and deliver content with many other different key points of a viewers . Video advertising has changed the way that connects the target audience as digital content.
3) Increase Watch Time : Audience psychology and emotion plays very important role in Video Advertising.
Let's cosider human psychology we were notice the Audience invest (watch time) and sense of watching video of the concept that they want. Video can more impact on viewers mind.
4) Device Responsive : As per serve, 80% viewer's(peoples) watch video on mobile. So this key point is advantage for Video Advertising.
5) Videos are sharable : Shared Video Advertisement create a more stimulating environment for viewer's it allows brands to inform quickly & visually entertainment. That generate a powerful platform for conversion & accurate target audience & prospects.

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